Looking for some inspiration? Below are links to fellow artists in the realm of 3D and 2D art. Most of these people I met in school.

3D for the Nguyen - 3D Modeling Generalist
Alfredo Peña - 3D Environment & Texture Artist
Aubrey Hebert - Illustrator
Bed Time Stories and Thoughts - 3D Animator & Illustrator
Benjamin Tan - 3D Animator
Brendan Milos Art Blog - 3D Modeler, Rigger, Concept Artist
Brian's FILM - 3D Modeler, Animator, Filmmaker
Carlos Cervantes - 3D Environment and Texture Artist
Carlyn Lim - Concept/Creature Artist
Christine Chang - Illustrator
Christina Douk - 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, Illustrator
Cicilia Sentosa - 3D Prop Artist
David Tionson - 2D Animator
DeathLegionz - 3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Espiownage - 3D Character Modeler
ForsakenXAngel - 3D Modeler
Gamestepper - Game Art Community
Gerald Chong's Art - Environment Illustrator
Guelification - Illustrator
Gurinder Kullar - 3D Environment Artist
Jae Ti-Ai - 3D Animator and Illustrator

Janet Wu - 3D Modeler and Texture Artist
JC Paints - 3D Modeler and Illustrator
Jeff Clark's Den of Art and Game Design
Jesse-Chang - 3D Modeler and Illustrator
Jessica Bruno - 3D Modeler and Texture Artist
Joanne Wu - Graphic Designer
John Heebink - Illustrator and Storyboard Artist
Jonathan Usiak - 3D Modeler/ Conceptual Artist
Leif Peterson - 3D Environment Artist
Marquis Houghton - Environment and Prop Artist
paperbox - Diane Wu's artblog (Illustration)
Romit Dodhia - Character Animator
Rose Ma - Graphic Designer
Rousteinire - 3D Modeler and Illustrator
Rowan Boon - 3D Character Artist and Concept Artist
Star Kim's Love of Art - 2D Animator
Subaru Outback: Art by Sueann Williams (Illustration)
Timberwolf Designs - 3D Environment Artist Studios - 3D Modeler & Animator
Yo Tien Tsao - 3D Animator

If I forgot your site, please let me know! The more the merrier! Email me at " [at]".

I'm looking for portfolio\personal websites, blogs, deviant art sites, etc. Also, I must know you in real life. =P