January 25, 2018

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter!

And NBA Jam 2017 offseason rosters.


August 14, 2017

NBA Jam with 2016-2017 rosters!

September 3, 2016

NBA Jam with 2015-2016 rosters!

August 6, 2016

Adrenaline Episode #5 - "The Undefeated Racer"


November 16, 2015

Finally. This took too long. =/ Working purely in my free time, it's possible for me to make videos every three weeks, but a LOT of things came up these last three months.

Anyways, enjoy!


August 5th, 2015

Check it out. =)


April 16, 2015

And the next remix...

Still working on that first music video. =/


March 6, 2015

The first remix among many to come (hopefully)...

Music video shot in Seoul coming soon. =)

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